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Builder’s Off-Market Inventory | EASTSIDE ELEVATED with Max Rombakh

Season 1, Episode 2

Everyone uses the traditional approach to searching for available homes on the market: searching Zillow or Redfin, attending open houses or reach out to a local broker. But if everyone is doing that, you’re not creating an advantage for yourself in this competitive landscape.

Developers, like Enfort Homes, are currently under construction on the next wave of inventory that won’t show up on the real estate apps and websites available to the modern home buyer – so you could be missing out the next big thing.

Jerrod Giles, President of Enfort Homes, shares the best ways for buyers of luxury new construction to shop off-market inventory, identify construction completion dates and choose your perfect neighborhood, home style and layout that’s perfect for your next living situation.

If you’re interested in learning about upcoming projects that cater to a luxury buyer, reach out to me and I’ll provide you the insight and access you need to get ahead of the game.



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