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'The Weston' by Mirikeen Homes | EASTSIDE ELEVATED REVEALS

With Special Guest Jen Kowalski from Six Walls Interior Design

We’re proud to launch our new series “REVEALS”, featuring unique and stunning designs like Mirikeen Homes’ modern masterpiece “The Weston”. With a pursuit to showcase and champion the builders, architects and designers in our community, our new series reveals the insightful process that culminates in these remarkable homes on the Eastside.

Industry expert Jen Kowalski, Kitchen & Bath Director at Six Walls Interior Designs joins this episode to share the thoughtful approach that combines architectural elements, interior design themes and personalized features of this Phil McCullough curated project. The sweeping views of Lake Washington are the tip of the iceberg that helped sell this West of Market home in just four days - at full price

Let us know what you most appreciated learning about this West of Market gem on Eastside Elevated REVEALS. We’d love to hear from you.



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