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Season 1, Episode 9

As someone who believes in the immense value that arts and athletics have on young adults, I proudly sponsor the LWHS Booster Club. Most people are probably aware that school budgets and student participation fees cover the core elements of the 16 participating programs at Lake Washington High School, but I wanted to learn more about the necessary extras that the Booster Club provides for our student athletes and performers. 

While you might first think about football, basketball and other name brand sports of any school’s extracurricular portfolio, the LWHS Booster Club also supports theater/drama, music and dance. This provides opportunities for development outside athletics for students whose strengths and interests exist beyond the ballfield or court. 

Lake Washington High School has a great tradition of excellent performance as exhibited by the many walls of trophies throughout the campus. From state championships to performances at the highest professional level and even representation in the Olympics. 

Booster Club funds typically cover out-of-season training, travel, tournament fees, extra equipment, banquets and awards and often come with a tax advantage for the contributing business or individual as it is a 501(c)(3). Many local companies also offer matching donations or pay nonprofits directly for employee volunteer hours served with the organization. 

Donations to the primary LWHS Booster Club that support all 16 programs or you can have funds directed to a program you have a personal passion for. Programs include Diamond Club (Baseball & Softball), Boys Basketball, Boys Golf, Boys Soccer, Cross Country & Track, Dance, Gridiron Club (Football), Girls Basketball, Girls Golf, Girls Soccer, Gymnastics, Music (Bank, Choir, Orchestra), Swim & Dive, Theater/Drama, Volleyball, and Wrestling. Visit to get involved today.

Special thank you to the Moss Bay Hall for contributing prizes to our halftime contestants from the Lady Kangs Varsity Basketball team. 



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