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Kirkland’s “Missing Middle” with City Councilman John Tymczynyn | EASTSIDE ELEVATED

Diving into the often overlooked realm of Missing Middle Housing, Kirkland City Councilman Tymczymyn sheds light on how Kirkland has made strides in bridging this housing gap. With a housing spectrum spanning 1970s-era condos to multimillion-dollar luxury homes, the mid-range segment remains notably absent in the market, posing a challenge for prospective homebuyers.

Properties within this elusive mid-range bracket are a rarity, with existing homeowners often holding onto favorable mortgage rates and selling swiftly once on the market. To counter this trend, Kirkland is championing cottage-style developments—vital for addressing the housing needs of dual-income households and early-career tech professionals who seek affordable yet quality residences.

Our filming location showcased R. Thoreson Homes' latest project featuring three charming 1,700 square foot homes in a walkable neighborhood, all priced under $2MM. Traditional zoning requirements would necessitate larger and pricier single-family homes, catering to a single household rather than accommodating the needs of multiple families.

In tandem with this proactive land use strategy, the City of Kirkland has streamlined permit approval times amid the spike in permit applications. Anticipating a surge in cottage-style permits in the near future, the City remains committed to optimizing permit processes to meet the evolving demands of the growing mid-range segment—a segment that while small in scale, is no longer overlooked.

Complementing this progressive housing approach, Kirkland has rolled out the Kirkland Housing Dashboard—an interactive tool offering transparency on Affordable Housing targets, Missing Middle permits, and neighborhood-specific housing inventory. This initiative underscores Kirkland's dedication to accountability and accessibility, empowering stakeholders to monitor housing trends and initiatives with ease.



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