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EASTSIDE ELEVATED with Max Rombakh | Introduction

Season 1, Episode 1

Why should you watch your new video series?

I’m excited to launch our new video series called “Eastside Elevated” covering everything you need to know about luxury real estate in Kirkland and Bellevue. Featuring industry experts, local icons and special guests, you’ll gain access to hidden inventory and insight into home adjacent topics that will make you a more educated, informed and empowered buyer in this competitive market.

Why did you name it “Eastside Elevated”?

Discerning luxury buyers desire – and even demand – an elevated real estate experience to find the home of your exacting standards. This means eliminating the headaches and hassles of preparing your home for market, creating non-traditional demand for the sale of your home, and identifying off-market opportunities creating a competitive advantage that positions you to get what you deserve.

Stay tuned for future episodes by following our socials and visiting our website. You won’t want to miss a single episode of this series.



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