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20-Year Milestone | EASTSIDE ELEVATED

As I commemorate a significant milestone in my career—20 years of dedicated service in the local Eastside real estate market—I find myself retracing the path that led me here. It began in the early 2000s, an era where my office was the open road, equipped with just a pocket PC and a printer stowed away in my car trunk. 

None of this journey would have been possible without the unwavering support of my dedicated team. My wife, Nadia, has been the driving force behind our industry-leading marketing efforts, ensuring our listings reach the most qualified buyers. Darlene Lovison, our Director of Operations, has been an anchor, meticulously managing every detail with precision for many years. The recent addition of our Buyers Agents brought fresh perspectives, market insights, and elevated service standards for our clients.

Today, my role in real estate transcends beyond mere transactions; it's about leaving a lasting legacy. Professional success has empowered me to make a positive contribution to the vibrant Kirkland community, a place that holds a special significance in my heart. Kirkland is more than just a workplace—it's where I strive to create a meaningful impact, especially for our youth who grapple with social pressures, confidence issues, and the aftermath of the pandemic.

A significant portion of every commission I earn is dedicated to supporting the Windermere Foundation's noble mission of assisting low-income and homeless families. Additionally, I am deeply passionate about championing local programs that have a profound impact on our community, such as the ZGiRLS Confidence Programs and the LWHS Booster Club's initiatives in arts, athletics, and music.

As I look back on the past twenty years, I am filled with gratitude for the journey and anticipation for the boundless opportunities to continue shaping the future—both for my clients and the community—for years to come.

In reflection, these past two decades have been a remarkable journey of growth, resilience, and community impact. Here's to continued success, unwavering compassion, and a future defined by purpose and meaningful connections.



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