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Windermere Real Estate Luxury Advisor, Max Rombakh

Real estate should not be held back by legacy tradition or outdated standards. It should be about what’s next. Understanding and appreciating my client’s individual needs is very important to me. My team and I work instinctively to over deliver best in class service and make it our purpose to build long lasting and genuine relationships. We are constantly evolving what we do and how we do it. 

We are inspired to go where no one else has gone and do things nobody else has done in our industry. From thoughtful touches to sensational experience. Our clients purchasing a home can expect the dream bid, and allow us the opportunity to make it happen. And our sellers can rest assured that we will maximize every opportunity in their investment. Assisting and preparing their home and delivering a complete marketing program designed to access its most qualified audiences. 

We are driven by a sense of purpose to inspire, enrich and positively impact the community here in Kirkland and West Bellevue. I have a natural drive to deliver excellence in perfection and serve my clients with the utmost integrity and honesty throughout the entire process. It is the driving force in everything me and my team do.



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