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OFF-MARKET | Top Three Things to Know Before Selling

Selling your home on-market with a broker might not be right for you. That might sound like a strange statement coming from me, but for the right property and seller situation, an off-market transaction can come with three unique advantages you should know.

1. CONVENIENCE. Save Money & Eliminate Hassles

Most off-market sales don’t require a long honey-do list to clean, update or stage your home like a traditional sale. Combine this with money you save not doing home repairs and you can keep more in your pocket for your next move, retirement or something fun.

2. CUSTOMIZATION. Choose Terms That Fit Your Situation

Off-market transactions allow you to choose a close date and sales price that meet your personal needs. You also receive non-refundable earnest money immediate after feasibility review which can help with short term cash flow prior to closing.

Because developers require time for architectural design and permitting, you can often select a close date that aligns with your retirement, contingent close or reinvestment timeline for rental properties.

3. CONFIDENCE. Close On Time & As Agreed

Sometimes it’s not just about getting the best price. If the offer sounds too good be true, it just might be. The most important part of any transaction is working with a buyer who will actually close, so you can ultimately get paid. Working with a broker who knows the local builder’s reputations for closing on time and as agreed can put your mind at ease.

Getting buyer intel before you go to market gets you ahead of the game. If you don’t receive an offer that checks all your boxes, you can still choose to go the traditional route with an experienced broker like me.

Find out if selling your home “as-is” with zero repairs, updates or open houses a fit for you with a quick 10-15 minute call.



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