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Exploring Design Trends in the PNW with Emily Ruff, Cohesively Curated | EASTSIDE ELEVATED

In the ever-evolving world of design, staying ahead of the latest trends is essential. While national publications and TV shows like HGTV offer valuable insights, sometimes the most exciting developments are happening right in our own backyard, particularly on the Eastside, in Kirkland and Bellevue.

Emily Ruff, the talented designer behind Cohesively Curated, joins us today to shed light on how her design approach varies between new construction and renovations. According to Emily, the key distinction lies in the target audience: new constructions aim for broad appeal, while renovations prioritize personalization to suit the homeowner's lifestyle.

Taking a closer look at some of Emily's standout projects, one that stands out is the transformation of a 1926 home - a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. By blending transitional styles with elements of modern and coastal design, Emily and her team breathed new life into this aging house, demonstrating the power of thoughtful renovation.

When it comes to design trends, Emily highlights five key themes rooted in classic design. From the resurgence of millwork to the popularity of warmer tones, the Pacific Northwest design scene is a testament to the enduring appeal of timeless aesthetics. Elements such as inset cabinetry, green accents, and moody color palettes are redefining interior spaces, adding depth and character to contemporary homes.

Reflecting on her recent success with the West of Market Home project, Emily emphasizes the importance of bold choices that pay off. Dark kitchen cabinetry, contrasting doors, and elegant plumbing fixtures all played a role in creating a visually striking and inviting living space that resonated with buyers.

Emily's expertise in blending traditional elements with modern sensibilities shines through in her design projects. Whether you're planning a custom build or a renovation, Cohesively Curated offers a unique approach that combines functionality with style. To learn more about Emily's work or discuss your upcoming project, visit her website or reach out directly for a consultation.

And if you’re looking for the perfect property for your own custom home or personalizing a new construction project under construction, call or message me. If I don’t have what you’re looking for, I’ll find it!



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