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THE ESTATE | Great Room

Moving from the kitchen into the great room this week. The space is truly an extension of the kitchen, which in turn extends out to the backyard. Made possible by an incredible 32-foot long, 10-foot high LaCantina Sliding Door.

However, I think the most unique feature of this room is the use of FOUR chandeliers, and when our designer, Jennifer Kowlaski with Six Walls Designs, presented us with this idea, I screamed. From the beginning of the selection process I was obsessed with these gorgeous Hozier Chandeliers from Arteriors. Since the space is so massive, we could actually afford--funny word choice, because I blew our entire lighting budget on just these--four in the design which each amass 34 inches in diameter. Max tried shutting this down, but luckily our architect, Phil McCullough with McCullough Architects loved it.

The design incorporated a 68" Ortal Tunnel fireplace and two custom steel bookcases, designed by Jennifer and fabricated by Keith Northrup. We used Bedrosians 30x30" Porcelain Tiles in Luxe White for the hearth and fireplace surround.

The bookcases were a must, since you know how much I love me a lovely styling opportunity. I'd say Sarah, Tiffany and Sheila with Urban Domain nailed it with the black, white and shades of green in the seafoam and emerald green accents.

Furniture: Restoration Hardware

Styling: Sarah Fielder, Tiffany Topol + Sheila Cox with Urban Domain

Overall, the bright brass metals in the light fixtures juxtaposed with natural materials in the accents and decor, such as raw wood, marble, quartz crystals, onyx, linens and leathers, created a very luxe, yet inviting and comfortable, feel to the room. We didn't want anything the dog couldn't lay on or the kids throw their feet up on. The Perennials Performance Textured Linen fabric gave us that freedom to choose light colors, almost white, for our furniture.

This chair perfectly epitomizes the vibe of the entire house -- elevated, inviting + classic, represented in the use of natural materials, and geometric patterns repeated in every space.


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