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Whisky, not whiskey

I’m a “one-piece-of-ice-in-my-whisky-kinda-guy”. And no, I did not just misspell Whisky. Today I’m talking about the spirit all the “cool-kids” are drinking -- Japanese Whisky.

Last week we had the pleasure of hearing from Kim Ohanneson with Women Who Whiskey Los Angeles. She gave us barrels of information and tips. Everything from why age-statements are no longer printed on Japanese Whisky bottles to where to buy it and how to drink it. So if you too want to impress your friends (and clients), here is THE Whisky Connoisseur Starter Pack.

You're doing it wrong

Tips for tasting:

1. Smell with mouth slightly open to allow for a more accurate impression of the notes

2. Sip

3. Hold on tongue and breathe out through nose to expel the fumes

4. Swallow

How do you drink your Whisky?

Ice? Ice will play up the bottom notes of oak, vanilla and caramel.

Prefer to add water? Take your pinky, dip in the water and add just a few drops.

Cocktail? Here's a recipe for Kim's favorite, a Japanese Whisky Highball.

Japanese Whisky Highball

1/3 Toki

2/3 super bubbly water

twist of grapefruit, orange or lemon


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