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Summer is right around the corner (T - 7 days!!!) and I revel in the thought of sleeping in, days spent at the beach, laying out by the pool (similar to any and all below) reading, day trips on a whim... who am I kidding — the reality of both kids at home while I'm trying to work sinks in and I’m frantically searching the web and emailing other parents to find any (I mean ANY!!!) summer camp that isn’t full. They’re all full.

Side note: Have you ever googled unique summer camps?! Did you know that you can ship your kids off to Hollywood Stunt Camp? Summer ski school at Mt. Hood? Equestrian Tour of Russia, "for just a shade under $10,000. Not only do participants get to tour Russia on horseback, but they also get to stay in four-star accommodations, eat only organic food, and learn to play polo." Say whaaaaat!?!

Good luck to all you parents. I feel you and you are not alone. Unless you were one of the smart/well-organized/resourceful parents who booked your families summer activities back in January, I envy you. Next year, would you mind dropping me a reminder to register and a list of all activities two 10-year-old girls would enjoy? Okay, thanks. ;)


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