• Max and Nadia Rombakh


As we finish up the last few weeks of remote learning I've learned two things: 1. A home office with only one chair is a joke, and 2. One does not need a desk, or a chair, to WFH.

With the four of us working from home, in and out of zoom meetings, team meetings and conference calls, we're fighting for real estate in this apartment. By now we've staked-out our territory. Audrey works from our closet, snuggled in with Rocco during his mid-day nap (I've had to wake her up many-a-times as she's fallen asleep in the middle of class). Chloe has taken up the entire desk because she prefers two monitors, her Surface, 500 post-its, all the sharpies, expo pens -- her setup looks like an office supply room. At least I know where to find a pen when I need one. Max is a floater, working on foot throughout the entire apartment, hallway, patios. Thank goodness the office is now open. As for me, well, it really doesn't matter since I'm not getting any real work done anyway. However, every once in a while I'll sneak into my empty bathtub to browse Pinterest and envy these dreamy WFH spaces.

Hang in there folks. Nadia


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